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This is a tale of those old fears, even of those emptied hells, And none but you shall understand the true thing that it tells— Of what colossal gods of shame could cow men and yet crash, Of what huge devils hid the stars, yet fell at a pistol flash. The doubts that were so plain to chase, so dreadful to withstand— Oh, who shall understand but you; yea, who shall understand?
-G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday

The city of St. Louis has had its problems over the years, both mortal and mundane. To the average observer, drugs, gangs, gambling, and corrupt politicians seem to be the millstone around the city’s neck. Beneath it all, though, lies a world invisible to the uninitiated: White Court Vampires hold sway over the rich and powerful, the Faerie Courts vie for influence over the city, a mysterious riverboat allows men to gamble for the highest stakes, and many creatures besides lurk in the darkness. Yet through this all, a balance of sorts was maintained throughout the city, keeping the various troubles in check and away from the eyes of mortals.

That is, until the Vampire War came to St. Louis. The Red Court of Vampires, long absent from the city, returned in force, determined to lay claim to St. Louis. Though their motives are unknown, it is clear that a new front has opened in their war with the White Council. With the Wardens occupied with the other battles, who will step up to defend the city?

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