The List

After tracking what turned out to be a Red Court Vampire to his apartment, the group found this document on the desk of the vampire. It is merely a list of names. The list, as it appeared on the sheet they found:

The Deceased

  • Allison Christiansen
    • Activist Leader who opposed expanding the airport. Police
      suspect animal attack. The pocketwatch was stolen from her estate sale. Her residency at her estate starts the exact same day as her mother’s residency at her estate ended.
  • Thomas Downs
    • Already dead when the RCV arrived in St. Louis. Died of natural causes (old age). One of Darren’s PI mentors.
  • Tierney Hogan
    • Finlay’s grandfather. Former Warden of St. Louis. Killed by the Red Court.

The Living

  • Mark Krystowicz
    • Was under protection by the group. Fled city heading north to family. Friends with Downs and Stevens in the 80’s.
  • Marlin Perkins
    • Owner/CEO of Perkins Wolf rescue.
  • Matthew Septisen
    • White Court Vampire, former owner of the Second Circle. Father of Miranda Septisen. RCVs wanted him in their service, did not want him dead.
  • William Stephens
    • Not dead. One of Darren’s PI mentors. Has Alzheimer’s.
  • Francis Slay
    • Former mayor of St. Louis. Son is current mayor of St. Louis.
  • Clement Wickerson
    • Tierney noted in his journal that he wanted to find Wickerson but couldn’t.
  • Lindsey Rogers
    • Tierney noted in his journal that he wanted to find Rogers but couldn’t.
  • Vincent Sedow
    • Tierney noted in his journal that he wanted to meet with Sedow for future planning.

The Unknown

  • Louis Michaels
  • Jeremy Walker
  • Helen Anheuser
  • Michael Scott
  • John Sterling

The List

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