Finlay Hogan

Warden of the White Council, lone inheritor to his family's burden.


Finlay Hogan

Larry, better known as Xer0


High Concept: Warden by Birth, not by Choice
Trouble: Big Shoes to Fill
Background: Thrust into an Unfamiliar World
Rising Conflict: No One’s Man But My Own.
The Story: Because No One Else Can.
Guest Star: The Enemy of My Enemy…
Guest Star Redux: Old Friends, New Problems.

Alertness: {+1}
Contacts: {+1}
Conviction: {+4}
Discipline: {+4}
Endurance: {+3}
Intimidation: {+1}
Investigation: {+2}
Lore: {+3}
Presence: {+2}
Resources: {+4}
Scholarship: {+2}
Weapons: {+3}

Physical: 4
Mental: 4
Social: 3

Power Level:
Chest Deep: 8 Refresh Points

Stunts & Powers:
Evocation {-3}
Thaumaturgy {-3}
The Sight {-1}
Soulgaze {0}
Wizard’s Constitution {0}

Total Refresh Adjustment/Rate:

Mild: None.
Moderate: None.
Severe: None.


Phase One-Background:
Aspect: Thrust into an Unfamiliar World
Adopted by his “Grandfather” after the death of parents, Finlay get ushered into a whole new world that he thought only existed in story book tales.

Phase Two-Rising Conflict:
Aspect: No One’s Man But My Own
Tired of the constant clashes with Tierney about his Duty, Finlay swears off Wizarding and leaves it all behind him to pursue a normal life at college.

Phase Three-The Story:
A Death in the Family
Aspect: Because No One Else Can
Called back to St. Louis to deal with the murder of Tierney, Finlay is left with no other choice but to assume his Grandfather’s mantle and responsibilities and take up Wizarding once more.

Phase Four-Guest Star:
A Call To Arms
Aspect: The Enemy of my Enemy
Mab, the Winter Queen calls on her Children to rally against the encroachment from a scourge of Black Court Vampires from the murky Mississippi into Winter’s holdings. While investigating a series of grisly murders, Finaly Hogan comes across a war band of Winter Fae, including Church Grim preparing for a fight. Seeing an opportunity to rid St. Louis of the menace posed by the scourge, Finlay joins the war band fight and helps to defeat the vampires.

Phase Five-Guest Star Redux:

Aspect: Old Friends, New Problems

Finlay Hogan

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