The High Level View

The Idea: A city in decay. Politicians and business leaders are held in the thrall of White Court Vampires, who walk the halls of high society. The lowest members of society find themselves increasingly on the outside, both amongst the mortal and the supernatural. Drugs, prostitution, and gang activity continue to wreak havoc, and the money isn’t there to recover blighted parts of the city.
Aspect: Decay and corruption

The Idea: The river carries ill tidings. While businesses on the river continue to thrive, the nature of these businesses grows dark: Illicit activity, cooperation with criminals, and shady practices color a once vibrant part of the economy. A mysterious casino boat trolls the waters, inducing men to risk their souls. Worse yet, even the fae avoid the river in recent days.
The Aspect: Muddy waters, unseen depths

The Idea: Red Court ascending. As a new front in their war on the White Council, the Red Court has come to St. Louis intent on gaining a foothold. Their opening salvo was to kill off powerful people amongst the criminal world, both mortal and mundane. The public saw what looked like an increase in gang activity; the supernatural community began to fear for its safety as various factions with vested interest in the city prepared to defend their turf.
The Aspect: City under siege

The Status Quo

The White Court presence in St. Louis is strong, running many of the strip clubs and brothels. Other organizations in the know (District 10, the Catholic Church) work hard to keep people safe, to the extent that they can. The Summer and Winter courts maintain an uneasy truce over the city. Many supernatural creatures unfit for mortal society accept life beneath the city in a series of natural caverns.

Politicians and business leaders, some under the influence of White Court Vampires, continue along the path of corruption. Gang crime, including drug use and distribution, continues to plague the city, mostly the poor inner city, as well as East St. Louis.

The High Level View

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