Plan of Attack

Stopping the Red Court Vampire threat.

  1. What are the Red Court’s goals?
    • Destroying the White Council.
    • Assassinating people on The List or bringing them under their control.
    • Eliminating White Court holdings.
    • Making a play for the city.
  2. Who is instrumental in their plans?
    • Cyberia corporation.
    • People on The List.
  3. Where are the Red Court implementing their plans?
    • Throughout the city.
  4. What does the Red Couty need to achieve their goals?
    • The Elementals to have no Vessels so they can siphon off their power.
    • The St. Louis Arch?
    • Loki or Fenris?

How to stop it:

  • Determine the common thread between people on the List.
    • Learn who the unknowns are.
      1. Investigate John Sterling.
      2. Investigate Vincent Sedow.
      3. Investigate Jeremy Walker.
      4. Investigate Helen Anheuser.
      5. Investigate Lindsey Rogers.
      6. Investigate Michael Scott.
      7. Investigate Louis Michaels.
      8. Investigate Clement Wickerson.
    • Learn about the Fenris wolf-thing.
      1. Figure out what it is.
      2. Figure out its motivation.
      3. Figure out why its important
  • Investigate the elemental items:
    1. Determine who we want to put into place as the remaining three Vessels.
    2. Investigate the Chokai Remembrance Society’s stone carving from the Cahokia Mounds as a potential Spirit elemental item.
    3. Investigate the New Madrid fault line near the Meramac Caverns as a possible elemental disturbance source.
    4. Investigate the source of contamination of the River as a possible elemental disturbance source.
  • Investigate why Cyberia built the Arch.

Side projects:

  • Check into Miranda Septisen’s potential involvement with the RCVs.
  • Information exchange with Miranda Septisen.
    1. Determine if we have any information we want from her.
      • Locations of other RCV or Cyberia holdings in the city? They may house elemental items like the Cyberia building by the riverfront housed the sledgehammer.
    2. Trade her information for information about what the meeting with her father and Philipe was about.
  • Investigate Maria Salvianas to see if she has any connections to the Red Court.
  • Check into the Faerie Courts’ motivations for getting the items of power.
  • Investigate Sam Eaton’s suicide to see if it could be RCV related.

Fruitless or defunct projects:

  • Get Matthew Septisen’s information on people from The List.
    1. Make him feel worried that the RCV can assassinate him so he feels more inclined to help our investigation of The List.
    2. Sic Galakron on him as the agent of the RCVs.
    3. Save him from Galakron.
    4. Demand information on The List so we can stop the RCV before one of their other agents returns to finish the job.

Plan of Attack

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