Donovan Kincaid

Shapeshifting Thief with a Conscience.


Donavon Kincaid



High Concept: Shapeshifting Thief with a Conscience
Trouble: Money and Power are Intoxicating
Background: Nothing’s Permanent
Rising Conflict: I Am My Own Person
The Story: There’s A Line I Won’t Cross
Guest Star: I’m Not The Guy, But I Know A Guy
Guest Star Redux: I Get Around

Alertness: {+1}
Athletics: {+1}
Contacts: {+2}
Conviction: {+4}
Deceit: {+5}
Discipline: {+4}
Endurance: {+3}
Fists: {+1}
Investigation: {+2}
Might: {+1}
Presence: {+2}
Resources: {+3}
Stealth: {+1}

Physical: 4
Mental: 4
Social: 3

Power Level:
Chest Deep: 8 Refresh Points

Stunts & Powers:
True Shapeshifting [-4]
Modular Abilities [-3]

Total Refresh Adjustment/Rate:

Mild: None.
Moderate: None.
Severe: None.


Phase One-Background:
Aspect: Nothing’s Permanent
Grew up in New York, father was a banker. Have a younger brother and sister. Parents divorced at age 15. Rarely talk to my family.Went to private schools. Friends ran the gambit, troubled to smart to jock. Was always a smartass and prankster. Found out I was different during puberty, parents made me hide it.

Phase Two-Rising Conflict:
Aspect: I Am My Own Person
Father and mother forbade me to use my abilities. Parents, siblings, friends, teachers all wanted me to be something I wasn’t. Finally at age 16 I left it all behind and left home.

Phase Three-The Story:
Money For Your Soul
Aspect: There’s A Line I Won’t Cross
When shapeshifting thief Donny Kincaid gets involved with the St. Louis underworld, he has a choice to make. Take the money and power, move on, or do the right thing. The choice gets complicated when demons and vampires get involved.

Phase Four-Guest Star:
A Call To Arms
Aspect: I’m Not The Guy, But I Know A Guy
Donny Kincaid finds himself hunted by Fae looking for prey, to provide a challenging hunt for thier lord. He convinces them that he would be a poor target, however he helps them find a suitable target.

Phase Five-Guest Star Redux:
Aspect: I Get Around
Kincaid runs into an old aquantance who’s looking for someone doing a ritual. He’s heard of a place down town that sounds like the place.

Donovan Kincaid

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