Church Grim

The Erlking's Winter Hound, Church the Greedy


Church Grim



High Concept: The Erlking’s Winter Hound
Trouble: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Background: If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided.
Rising Conflict: The pen is mightier than the sword.
The Story: “I like the view from up here.”
Guest Star: Red herring pointer
Guest Star Redux: If the Wyldfae can’t have it, no one can.

+5 Discipline
+4 Deceit Investigation
+3 Alertness Conviction
+2 Empathy Lore Presence Intimidation
+1 Athletics Contacts Rapport Resources Stealth

Physical: XX (2)
Mental: XXOX (4)
Social: OOO (3)

Starting Power Level:
Chest Deep: 8 Refresh Points

Current Power Level:
10 Refresh Points

Stunts & Powers:
Unseelie Magic [-4]
Pack Instincts [-1]
Glamours [-2]
Supernatural Senses (Smell Power) [-1]
Marked by Power [-1]

Total Refresh Adjustment/Rate:

Fate Points From Last Session:

Fate Points Indebted to the Erlking:

Mild: Suspicious.
Moderate: First degree burns.
Severe: Singed lungs.


Phase One-Background:
Two vs. The World
Aspect: If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided.

For his whole life the only family that Church knew was his twin brother Kirk. The two grew up together in group homes and made out well enough since they always had someone to watch their back. There were many showdowns between the state and the brothers whenever the brothers were scheduled to be taken to different foster homes. No matter the costs, the twins went to any lengths to stay together. It wasn’t until their early teens when they learned they had supernatural powers. As incredible as it seemed magic came naturally to the twins and their ability to read each other reached uncanny heights.

Phase Two-Rising Conflict:
Choosing Sides: Kirk Grim
Aspect: The pen is mightier than the sword.

As the twins grew into adulthood they learned more of where their powers came from even though they still knew nothing of their parents. Their opposing fey natures exhibited themselves subtley as the brothers became more antagonistic to each other—often for no or little reason. This subtle influence came to a head when representatives from the Summer and Winter Courts approached the two to draw them apart. As in their youth when they were to be separated, the two dug in their heels and united to stay independent.

Phase Three-The Story:
Our First Hunt: Kirk Grim
Aspect: “I like the view from up here.”

Eventually the strength of the Faerie Courts overwhelmed the brothers and they were brought fully into their respective folds for a battle between the two courts. As the Courts and the brothers came to blows, the Erlking invoked his Wild Hunt amidst the chaos of the battlefield. In a last ditch effort to remain together the brothers pledged themselves to the Erlking and his chose them as his Hounds. In their newfound seat of power at the feet of the Erlking, the brothers fought the encroaching Summer and Winter Courts as they sought to bring the Erlking’s wyldfae under their control. The Erlkourt drove back the others and the Erlking was able to continue his hunt.

Phase Four-Guest Star:
Bad Moon on the Rise: Darren McCaver & Finlay Hogan
Aspect: Red herring pointer.

A woman comes to Darren saying that her husband has not been home in days. He is employed at the Perkins Wolf Rescue as a handler. He came home two weeks ago with a large scratch on him and was acting strangely before he stopped coming home. Darren looked into it and no one at the Wolf Rescue know him and claimed that he’s never worked there. While at the Rescue, Church was seen hanging around the rescue and was questioned by Darren. By coincidence Church was on the hunt for the same individual and fed Darren misinformation in case the missing man was a good candidate for the Erlking to hunt. Responding to a call for help from a childhood friend, Finlay joins Darren in his search for the missing man. Their search takes them deep into the Ozarks where they are confronted by a group of wolf cultists bent on a gradual takeover of the area.

Phase Five-Guest Star Redux:
Dirty Dealing at the House: Donny Kincaid & Kirk Grim
Aspect: If the Wyldfae can’t have it, no one can.

Donny Kincaid gets involved in retrieving a stolen gem from some tricky fae and the deal for the gem ends up going down at The House. At the House Kirk catches Donny Kincaid out of the corner of his eyes as he shifts and approaches him to see why he was there. Kirk learned from Kincaid that the stolen gen was taken by a Winter fae, so he lends a hand to steal it to embarass the Winter Court. Church notices the play that Kincaid and Kirk are making for the gem and intercedes on behalf of the Winter Court. While he isn’t able to collect the gem himself, Church is able to knock the gem into the muddy Mississippi and remove it from play entirely.

Note: The aspect was originally “If Winter can’t have it, no one can.” but evolved because of Church’s loyalty to the Erlking.

My Starring Story:
A Call to Arms: Finlay Hogan & Kirk Grim
Aspect: N/A

Mab, the Winter Queen calls to her children to rally against an encroachment of Black Court Vampires from the murky depths of the Mississippi as they surge into her holdings. Investigating a series of grisly murders, Warden Finlay Hogan stumbles upon a warband of Winter Fae, including Church. Seeing an opportunity to rid St. Louis of the menace of this Black Court scourge, Finlay joins the warband to help drive the vampires out of Winter’s holdings. Meanwhile, although unable to help directly in this conflict Kirk is glad to help his brother and his new Warden friend by providing information gathered by the Summer Fae regarding the Black Court Vampires.

Church Grim

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